2024 Keynote Speakers

August 7: Shifting to Community Owned and Operated Open Knowledge

Speaker: Dr. Cable Green, Director of Open Knowledge, Creative Commons

Dr. Cable Green is the Director of Open Knowledge at Creative Commons. He works with open education, science and research communities to leverage open licensing, content, practices and policies to expand equitable access and contributions to open knowledge. Cable’s work is focused on identifying complex problems (e.g., UN SDGs) where open knowledge is a critical part of the solution, and then opening that knowledge to help solve the problem. He is also a leading advocate for open licensing and procurement policies that ensure publicly funded education, science and research resources are freely and openly available to the public.

Cable has 25+ years of digital learning and open education experience and helped establish the: Open Course Library, Open Up Resources, CC Certificate, CC Open Education Platform, Institute for Open Leadership, UNESCO Recommendations on OER and Open Science, Open Climate Campaign, Open Climate Data, CC consulting services, Digital Public Goods Standard, Open Preprints, and multiple other initiatives. Cable holds a PhD in education psychology from Ohio State University, and enjoys motorcycling and skiing in the mountains with his family in Washington State.

August 8: How Creative Commons Licensing Can Promote Equity and Innovation

Speaker: Virginia Clinton-Lisell, PhD, Associate Professor in Educational Foundations and Research, University of North Dakota

Virginia Clinton-Lisell, PhD, is an Associate Professor in Educational Foundations and Research at the University of North Dakota. She holds a masters’ degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages from New York University and a doctorate in Educational Psychology from the University of Minnesota. Dr. Clinton-Lisell’s research focuses on reading comprehension, open education, and effective learning. She is the Primary Researcher for the Open Education Group.