Call for Proposals

Presentation Tracks

In order to coordinate sessions and facilitate scheduling, individuals submitting proposals are asked to identify which of the following tracks their proposal is most aligned with. As open educational resources and open pedagogy are fundamental approaches to addressing issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion, these themes are presumed to be integrated throughout most proposals.

  • The call for proposals has closed.

  • Submission deadline: June 13, 5:00pm PDT

1. Students

Proposals in this track are uniquely focused on students – efforts to engage students in OER advocacy, involve students in OER development, and proposals from students are anticipated in this track.

2. Open authoring and pedagogy

Proposals in this track are focused on open authoring and open pedagogy as a means of improving student outcomes.

3. Advancing OER

Proposals in this track explore approaches to creating a local environment that encourages and fosters OER adoption and development.

4. OER Sustainability

Proposals in this track consider mechanisms for ensuring that today’s high-quality resources are still relevant and current tomorrow.

5. OER Exploration

New to OER? Where – and how – do you find OER that might meet your needs? This track is designed for the OER novice and to showcase new OER.

6. OER Impact and Efficacy

OER Impact and Efficacy – Proposals in this track focus on showcasing approaches to making the case for OER and studies that address OER impact and efficacy.


  1. Classic Presentation:

45 minutes (30 min presentation, 15 min Q & A), but would encourage presenters to use audience engagement strategies, such as 1-2 polls/activities

  1. Panel: 45 minutes (3-5 panelists, 10 min Q & A)

  2. Interactive Demonstration/Workshop: 45 min – Q & A pauses built into the 45 min demo