August 5 Keynote

Crunching the OER Numbers.

August 5

Dr. Julia Seaman

Dr. Julia Seaman earned her doctorate in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacogenomics from the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). After completing her PhD, she moved into healthcare consulting, working with leading biotechnology companies as a strategy and competitive intelligence partner for four years before transitioning to Director of Research at Bay View Analytics. She has worked and published across a wide range of qualitative and quantitative projects. She currently concentrates on statistical and survey analysis project in scientific and educational research.

August 5

Dr. Jeff Seaman

Dr. Jeff Seaman has worked in education information technology for over 20 years, and holds degrees in Demography/Statistics, Sociology, Electrical Engineering, and Housing, all from Cornell University. Dr. Seaman has been conducting research in the impact of technology on higher education and K-12 for over a decade, beginning with comprehensive national studies of technology use in U.S. Higher Education. Dr. Seaman has served on academic technology advisory boards for information technology companies including Apple Computer, IBM, and Microsoft.